My 8 Year Mark!!!

Clinical Ovarian Cancer

Clinical Ovarian Cancer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello world!  Wow, I can’t believe how much time has gone by since I last spent some time writing.  I started massage school a few months back and the world has been pretty crazy since! I really love going to school and learning more about the body and the modality of massage, and can’t wait to start a practice and share my knowledge.  I’ve been amazed by how much I have had to learn about the body – literally from the inside out.  Our bodies are highly intelligent and I do believe if we truly understood what our bodies could do while running at optimal levels, we would choose to treat our bodies so much better and much more gently.

I am proud to share that I have reached my 8 year mark of being cancer free!!!  I’m thankful for the direction my life took after my cancer, which has allowed me to learn so much more about the body and the importance of what we put on and inside our bodies.

I came across a really good article which describes:

1. What inflammation is

2. Why inflammation is the precursor to many (All) diseases

3. How to help reduce inflammation within the body

I’ve known for a long while that inflammation within the body is really dangerous.  Inflammation is not only linked to diseases such as cancer, diabetes,  and heart diseases, but also the culprit to joint diseases.  Lowering inflammation within the entire body, is key to helping your body regain a better state of health.

As you read through the article, you will notice that many medical journals are mentioned. (i.e.: Journal of Clinical Nutrition)  These Journals are the gold standard for research conducted throughout the entire world.  As many of you know, I have taken Juice Plus for 3 year’s now, and these Journals are why I decided to allow Juice Plus into my body.  For the past 20 year’s, Juice Plus has had Clinical studies (on humans – not animals or a test tube) done on the product and has had the results published in over 17 peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals.

Juice Plus had a study done on inflammation, and the results show that Juice Plus does “reduce biomarkers of systemic inflammation within the body”.  WOW!  And just as exciting (especially for me and other cancer survivors)  Newly published research done on ovarian cancer survivors taking Juice Plus, showed:

1. Many ovarian cancer survivors fail to meet current guidelines for dietary intake

2. A low-fat diet supplemented with encapsulated fruit and vegetable juice concentrates can improve carotenoid levels

3. Encapsulated fruit and vegetable juice concentrates (Juice Plus+) may help bridge the gap between what is consumed and what is needed.

Overall: this study supports the feasibility of designing dietary interventions for stages II and IV ovarian cancer survivors and provides preliminary evidence that a low fat high fiber diet and a diet supplemented with encapsulated Juice Plus+ may increase phytonutrients (plant-based nutrients) in ovarian cancer survivors

REALLY!  For me, this is so exciting!!!  A few weeks ago I had to go in for my yearly check-up.  Even after 8 year’s, that trip to the hospital is emotionally painful and scary.  I will be doing some routine testing over the next couple of weeks, and while I feel healthy, I still have knots in my stomach with what the results will be.  Adding Juice Plus into my life gives me added belief that I am getting a sound amount of nutrients into my body every day.   So, how many of you know of someone who could benefit from adding a daily dose of health into their life?  You?  A loved one?  To me, everyone needs this added nutritional insurance.

Here is the article on inflammation:

To Learn more about the Power of Juice Plus:

This next week I get to learn about the Lymphatic System and I can’t wait!  The type of cancer I had is directly related with the Lymph, so some great learning material for me, and I’m sure I’ll have more to share.  Till next time….whenever that may be…..stay healthy and blessed.


A Shocking Secret About Me…..

Hello my friends!

Ah yes….it has been awhile since I have been on here sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and even some knowledge.  If my mind could automatically post on here, then I would have several posts a day!  Unfortunately that is not the case, so today I decided it was time to actually sit down and write a little something.

I’ve thought about writing this post for some time now, but I haven’t because it is something that is very personal for me and is not too easy to describe.  So why share it now?  Because I feel it may inspire others to face the scary word of FEAR.  Yes, FEAR(s).  We all have them.  Are you aware of your own? Have you, or do you, face them and try to overcome them or do you just push those fears away and simply ignore them or make excuses for them?  When do your fears rear their ugly heads? How does that fear feel? I know what all of this feels like, and I still experience it all, which is why I want to share more.

Here is the personal part for me, and it took me many, many years to become more and more aware of how my fears were controlling me and stopping me from moving forward in my life.  My personal fears are not one-dimensional.  They affect me in different ways, and in different areas of my life. Because I know I have fears, I have become more aware of what the fear(s) feels like, looks like, which has actually helped me face and overcome some of those fears, and THAT is an amazing feeling to feel!

I know I’ve always had fears, but I realized that after my cancer, the fears were gripping me in a new, and very deep ways.  Some fears that were obvious to me where the thoughts of:

  • My body once again turning on itself and trying to kill me.
  • Hearing the words “I’m sorry Trina, but I must give you the news that you have cancer again.  And with that, your treatment will require a very aggressive treatment of chemotherapy and radiation.”
  • Fear of lying in my bed without the energy or ability to lift my head off of the pillow.
  • Fear of feeling my hair fall out of my head and into my hands.
  • Fear of people staring at me because it is obvious that I am sick.

But what wasn’t obvious to me, and may indeed be very difficult for me to put into words, was a new fear that was taking over my life, making me scared to live life or take part in activities that before, would have been easy to take on. I noticed this gripping fear, when I would go out for a run.  A new doubt began penetrating my mind, numbing me, freezing me. I’ve always been a runner and have always enjoyed running.  It was something that was meditative, but had now turned into something viewed as a chore.  I really can’t describe it, but it was something that was seeping into my world, and even becoming obvious to Tara.

The liberating part of facing my new truth, was that I was able to talk to Tara about it.  On days where I could feel my fear taking over, I would let her know that I was struggling and we would talk through it.  I explained there are many times I want to join in on an activity,  but stay away because my fear is controlling me.  I asked her to help me through those moments, to gently push me through them, because I knew my fears were stopping me from living life fully. These conversations began a little over a year ago, and I’m proud to say that I am learning to do better with facing and moving through my fears.  Many a leader has given the advice to “Face your fears, and do them anyway”.  I keep this saying in the back of my mind and recall it often.

Ironically enough, around the same time, our company – Juice Plus – came out with a new program challenging people to “Live Life to the Plus+”.  I began asking myself – “Am I Living Life to the Plus+?  What does this mean to me?  What would that feel like?  How can I challenge myself to find out what that would be like?  Slowly, I began to allow this concept to find its way into my life.  Then, about 3 months ago, I went to a Juice Plus Regional Conference, where a speaker shared how he personally was Living Life to the Plus+.  He had decided to take on the challenge of doing one new thing a month  – something he had never done before – and then keep a diary about the experiences.  I LOVED the idea and the concept.  So, for the past couple of months, I have added this into my new world of really Living Life to the Plus+, of facing and not allowing my fears to limit me, and of living life with new INTENTIONS.  Thus far, each of my experiences have amazed me!

So, as my friend Julie Herbst states: “How can you Live your Life to the Plus+”?  What fears can you feel – and do it anyway? What would you do in life if fear was not even an option? What is stopping you from living a much fuller and much more purposeful life?  What areas of your life do you need growth in?  How amazing will it feel to do something you have always wanted to do, but never actually went through with?  Think it’s too late or that you are too old?  Maybe those thoughts in and of itself are your limiting beliefs and fears. We all have them – but what really matter’s is –  what we do with those FEARS.

Trying to live fearless….and inspire others to do the same…

Yours truly,



If Fear is something that you have faced and have overcome, I would LOVE for you to share your experiences. Help others to Live Life to the Plus+ by sharing your story!

If you need inspiration by others who are Living Life to the Plus+ and want to see what they are doing, please visit

Extra-virgin Coconut Oil – Key to Preventing Disease?

Coconut Water (3)
Image by TaranRampersad via Flickr

A friend passed along a video about the power of coconut oil in treating Alzheimer’s disease, which excited me, as I’ve taken coconut oil for many, many year’s now.  I originally learned about it while working at Garden of Life.  As stated by Jordan Rubin – Founder of Garden of Life – through his book “The Maker’s Diet” he states:

“Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest saturated fats available.  Coconut oil can tolerate extremely high heat, unlike polyunsaturated vegetable oils.  Use extra-virgin coconut oil in cooking, baking, and in smoothies.  It is a stable, healthy saturated fat that does not elevate undesirable (LDL) cholesterol; it reduces the symptoms of digestive disorders, supports overall immune functions, and helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.  Extra-virgin coconut oil is great for people suffering from candida yeast infections, due to the presence of caprylic acid and antifungal fatty acids contained in the oil.  Extra-virgin coconut oil has also been show to help balance the thyroid and improve metabolic function, which may result in weight loss.”  Jordan Rubin

If you decide to add Extra-virgin coconut oil to your diet, be sure to check that it is 100% Extra-virgin coconut oil.  I take the coconut oil that Garden of Life produces, as it is of a pure source and tastes amazing.  I have tasted other coconut oils which did not leave a pleasant taste in my mouth.

Below is a great video that shares how one man’s Alzheimer’s disease has been helped since he added coconut oil to has daily diet.  Some things that jumped out at me:

-The importance of PREVENTION, as a disease such as Alzheimer’s, actually begins to take place 10 – 20 year’s prior to when sign’s begin to show.  Isn’t that how it is with ALL disease’s?

-Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic

-It may help stave off other life threatening diseases beyond Alzheimer’s

Enjoy the video…and the introduction of Extra-virgin coconut into your diet!

“Coconut Oil Touted As Alzheimer’s Remedy”

You’ve got to be kidding me….

6 McDonald's chicken Mcnuggets
Image via Wikipedia

So today….I’m signing in to one of my email accounts, when I notice a headline that reads “Sick Teen says she’s eaten only McNuggets”.  So of course, I immediately click on the article, and as I’m reading about the 17 year old’s collapse, and what the doctor’s found, and what her MOM had failed to do: feed her child ANY nutritious food, I find my blood boiling and a million thoughts rushing my way.  Even now, I don’t know where to begin with my thoughts…so I’m going to throw them out bullet style…here we go…..

 This is child abuse.  Yep, I said it, child abuse.  Parents that put their children in harm’s way = child abuse.  I’ve read a few articles about this;  kids becoming deathly ill or obese because their parents fail to feed them the nutrients that their little bodies need to grow and properly develop.  It disgusts me – really.  I know many people don’t have a true grasp and understanding of how bad many foods are, but I can’t believe that anyone out there DOESN’T know that our bodies NEED fruits and vegetables.

 If you eat fast food, you may want to do an experiment to see what the food really is doing to your insides.  When I share my wellness presentation with others, one of the “props” I use is a Happy Meal that I bought in Florida back in October 2009.  I mean, what child hasn’t had a FEW Happy Meal’s in their days?  I know I did, which is why I now share what I know….you see, this Happy Meal from 2009 is as hard as a rock….but nothing about it looks different then it did the day I bought it.  NOTHING.  The cheese is still brilliantly orange, and the “hamburger” patty, looks all cooked up.  No mold is on any of the cheese, the bread, nor the meat and it doesn’t even stink.  And of course, the fries, well they look the same as the ones you may have found under the seat of your car when you’ve gone to vacuum it out!  If the food is so well-preserved with chemicals, what do you think it is doing to the inside of your body OR your child’s body?  Don’t believe me – go try it for yourself – REALLY.

 Have you ever seen how companies make chicken nuggets and what ingredients

to make them?  I dare you to watch the video I’ve highlighted below where Jaime Oliver of “Food Revolution” actually makes some chicken nuggets.  Do you really want to feed this to your child? To yourself?

 If you are a parent fighting this “up hill” battle with your child, the article does give some great tips on how to overcome this challenge.  Parents need to learn to say “NO” when their child wants to eat unhealthy food.  Parents also need to challenge themselves to be better role models.  Children learn their habits by watching others and parents play this primary role.   If you don’t buy bad food, then simply,  there isn’t bad food in the house to consume.  There is power in simply NOT bringing unhealthy food into the house.

I have a SIMPLE SOLUTION to get more fruits and vegetables into your families bodies.  It is 25 fruits, veggies, and grains that is a whole food concentrate of nutrients that comes in capsule or gummy form.  Oh…and the gummies….they aren’t full of sugar like all the other gummies I’ve seen out there.  Just saying.  There is also a program where kids can take it FREE for 3 years….BRILLIANT!

If you want more information or ideas on anything, I would love to help.  Send me an email with questions to

Articles like this – is why I am so passionate about what I do. Check it out:

Day in Health

“When the kids are wailing, the boss wasn’t happy with your presentation, and the kitchen is anything but pristine, what mom hasn’t thrown up her hands and given in to demands for chicken nuggets? Like, three times a week?

Maybe Mom should tell the kids: Be careful what you wish for…..

click here for the rest of the article

To check out Jaime Oliver of “Food Revolution” click

It has been awhile…..

Happy New Year!  🙂  I know, I know, we are already upon February and I have neglected our blog for almost a full month now.  As my sister Ashley would say – this is “No Bueno”!  It isn’t that I don’t think of our blog, or that I am even too busy to find time to blog, but rather, that I’m actually taking some time to read a book about being a blogger.  I want to get better at it, so I’m reading how to get better at it, and hopefully you will read and enjoy my journey of “getting better”! And wow, there really CAN BE a lot to this blogging world!   But no worries…I’ll be back on here soon…with some great recipes that I enjoyed making over the holiday’s and much more!   Enjoy a beautiful Friday and weekend!

A sweet gift and the true meaning of Christmas….

Christmas postcard date unknown, circa 1900.

Image via Wikipedia

Hello world!  It is the day after Christmas and what a busy one it has been!  Up at 9:00, and immediately, the house work began.  Laundry going (and well, on-going!), vacuuming done, dust bunnies washed away, bathroom cleaned, closets organized, windows opened, fresh air rushing in, Christmas gifts put away, “returns” pile made, and some “old” put into the “goodwill” box.  At 1:00 hunger REALLY settles in…so back to making more dishes 🙂  – Brunch consisted of scrambled eggs with onion and spinach, sliced tomato’s, cottage cheese, and rice crackers with some yummy humus. Occurring thought – “darn it, I forgot to add orange juice!”.

Now current time – the house is clean, the animals are sleeping, and the house is super quiet.  Ahhhhhh….Now that my personal spaces are all clean, it is time to begin down loading and organizing my work world.  There is so much running through my mind, so much get done, and I’m excited about it all!  But before I move on into the world of this week and “New Year’s”, I want to take some time to share a sweet story that added an extra special element to my Christmas. (Which, by the way, although family was missed, Christmas weekend was simply amazing!)

First, some background info.  I split my every day life into two different work professions.  I work our Juice Plus business in the mornings, and I work with some wonderful children that are apart of Boys and Girls club in the afternoons. (Hereafter, I will refer to the club as the B&G club)  The B&G club originally began WAY back in the late 1800’s, with the main focus being to give a place for young boy’s (and now girl’s) to hang out and have fun. ( ie: stay out of trouble!)  Here in Colorado Springs, there are 2 “traditional” clubs, but the club has also partnered with one of the school districts, to house a Before and After school program right within the schools.  So, I’m blessed with being a part of this special program, and my school is actually located right outside of the Ft. Carson Army base.  Naturally, with being so close to the base, we have many kids in our program that are military families.  It has been a humbling experience to see how military families sacrifice so much, in so many, many ways.

One of my kindergarten kids – Thomas – is from a military family and his father is currently serving in Afghanistan.  Thomas’ situation is a bit more complex than that of my other kids.  You see, Thomas was born in Korea to an American father and a Korean mother.  This year the family decided to move to the United States while his father went over to serve in Afghanistan.  But while Thomas does understand and speak english, his mother only understands a little, and speaks even less.  Thomas has had a very difficult time transitioning into the American school system and the school has really had to work with Thomas.  Thomas began the afterschool program a few months ago, and that too, was a challenge for him – and US!  For some reason, I was really drawn to Thomas, and I began working with him on such things as sharing with others, walking quietly in the hallways, not throwing tantrums, (or at least not so many!) and his overall behavior.  What I learned is that Thomas is a very bright, funny and athletic child.  He is a special soul, caught in between two different worlds and cultures.  I call him Mr. Thomas, and I love the time that I have been able to spend with him.

So, the other day, right as we were about to get out for winter break, Mr. Thomas ran into the room and handed me an envelope.  I hugged him, thanked him, and wished him and his mother a Merry Christmas.  I waited a few minutes before opening my gift, and when I finally did, what I found was a Christmas card, a gift card, and a beautiful bookmark from Korea.  While the gifts were nice to receive, it was the message found within the card, that meant the most to me.  Here is what the card read:

“Mrs. Trina – Thank you for taking care of Thomas.  This year is a hard time for us because my husband is Afghanistan, and Thomas and I don’t know American culture, besides we can’t speak english.  Thomas loves the after school program, and he loves you so much.  I have a difficulty in English to express my thanks to you. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.”  And below this beautiful note, Mr. Thomas drew me a Christmas tree with the message “I love you Mrs. Trina”.

Now it is me that has no words to express the depth of which this message and this boy has touched my heart. Simply, Thank you, thank you, from the depths of my heart.

Balance on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving 2009 DSC05805
Image by Brad Trump Photography via Flickr

Thanksgiving Day is a full of the 4 F’s – Fun, Family, Friendship and of course, Food.  Thanksgiving Day is a favorite Holiday to many people here in the U.S., but believe it or not, there are people who struggle with this Holiday because it is a Holiday centered around food.  I had a great conversation the other day with a good friend of mine, as she has battled bulimia for many years now, and she finds Thanksgiving Day a struggle. She personally finds it hard to know what portion sizes to eat, and therefore, eats too much and feels disgusting at the end of her meal.  Sound all-too familiar?  My heart hurt to hear how this challenge affects her and how it affects many, many people.  So we chatted a bit about some solutions that will allow her to still enjoy the 4 F’s on this special day.

1. The government has come out with which shows a plate broken down into the 5 food groups and the recommended portions per meal for each food group.  The food groups and recommended portion sizes are: Vegetables 1/4 of the plate, Fruits 1/4 of the plate, Grains a little over 1/4 of the plate, with the remaining amount of the plate left for protein, and a small portion for dairy.  Easily put, make sure half of your plate is filled with vegetables and fruits.  If dinner doesn’t serve up fruit, make sure that 1/2 of your plate is full of vegetables.  I recommend that the vegetables be raw veggies – or LIGHTLY cooked – veggies.

2. For that half plate of salad you serve yourself up, go light on the dressing, as there are many hidden calories found in dressings – especially the creamy ones!  I recommend a good balsamic with oil and plenty of fresh herbs and be sure to eat your veggies before diving in to those tasty mashed potatoes!

2. Before eating, write what you will let yourself eat and include portion sizes.  If you decide that eating a piece of pie is in your sights, then draw out the size of pie that you are going to allow yourself and enjoy every bite!  Thanksgiving isn’t about NOT enjoying the wonderful foods, but rather, about being selective about how much, and what, you are going to eat.  Having a plan going in to the day, and sticking with your plan, will help you enjoy your meal without feeling any guilt.  If you feel that you need some support, share your written meal plan with someone you can trust that will help you stick to your plan and not allow you to go astray!

3. Go for a walk after eating.  Walking right after dinner will help you burn away some of the extra calories that you allowed yourself to enjoy.  Walking is a great way to share both exercise and fun conversations with the family, so get out there and move instead of heading straight for the couch!

4. If you are beginning to feel full, take a few minutes to sit back and allow your body some time.  It can take up to 20 minutes for your brain to fully understand how full you really are.  Eating slowly will help you eat adequate amounts of yummy food without feeling that “too full” feeling!

With these tips in mind, go out and enjoy your 4 F’s of fun, family, friends, and yes, even the food!  If you have some other great food tips, please share! Here is to enjoying a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.

With gratitude,


Trina…Why Do you?

A little over year ago, my parents came to the house to enjoy a visit and dinner toether.  While we were sitting there eating a nice, healthy meal, my dad asked me a very pointed question.  He said, “Trina, why do you take Juice Plus, when you eat the way that you do?”  It was a great, probing question, and one that was very simple for me to answer.  Yes, I do eat very healthy,  and even still strive to make more changes in my life so I can live as healthy as I possibly can,  but I never miss a day of taking Juice Plus.  Why?  Because I simply DO NOT know if I am feeding my body well enough to keep cancer from taking over my body – AGAIN.  I know that Juice Plus gives me a broad array of nutrients that my body needs – EVERY DAY.  That is important, because most people don’t, won’t or even can’t, get enough nutrients from plant-based foods that they need – EVERY DAY. Do you? Juice Plus offers this.

I share this with others because I am passionate about changing the over-all health and well-being of people in this world.  The following article is a GREAT example that supports my belief in the over-whelming importance of eating the correct foods to fuel our bodies for optimal health.  We need to fuel our bodies TODAY, to keep the Diseases of TOMORROW away.  Similar to the age-old rhyme of “An APPLE a day keeps the DOCTOR away”!

MSN Health recently published an online article called “Do Anti-Cancer Superfoods Really Work?” (the answer, of course, being YES!)  Here is a list of the foods found on the ANTI-CANCER superfoods list!
Blueberries, acai berries, raspberries, & cranberries
Green tea
Broccoli & cabbage
Onions & leeks
Watercress & spinach
And great news!  Almost ALL of these are found in the Juice Plus product line!  So feel good about the investment you’re making in your health every day when you eat your JP! (Or email me if you need to get “JUICED” the healthy way!)
If you’d like to read the article in its entirety, click here:
For more information about Juice Plus, please take a few moments to watch the following video or shoot me an email at  I’d be glad to answer any questions that you may have and do so personally!
Helping you to greater health – Trina

Portion – Distortion

Diagram shows insulin release from the Pancrea...

Image via Wikipedia

This morning, on NPR, I heard a Nutritionist speaking about Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.  Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when there is too much glucose (sugar) in the blood because the body is not producing insulin or not using insulin properly. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas and is needed for glucose to enter the cells and be converted to energy.  Type 1 Diabetes happens when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin, and Type 2 occurs when a compromised pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin.  Type 1 diabetes must be controlled with daily insulin shots, where, Type 2 diabetes can actually be reversed through a healthy lifestyle of  proper nutrition and exercise. Sadly, 90 – 95% of the American population that has diabetes, has Type 2.

Today, Americans do struggle with portion sizes, which I refer to as Portion-Distortion.  Restaurant serving sizes in the 1970’s were 1/3 the size of what is found today in a typical American restaurant.  In general, people feel that they are getting a better “deal” because they are paying “less for more”.  In my humble opinion, the extra “cost” is actually being paid within their own bodies, which in turn, becomes a medical problem and expense.  American’s are now much busier, eat out more, and do not make time for adequate daily exercise.  Your body needs 60 minutes of exercise A DAY.  All of this has definitely attributed to the increased rate of Type 2 diabetes, which was once known as an “old man/woman’s” disease, but is now being found in young children.

In regards to Type 2 diabetes,  when the blood becomes saturated with glucose (sugar),  the blood becomes both sticky and thick.  The stickiness and thickness of the blood then begins to slow down overall circulation.  When circulation slows, the following may occur:

  •  Outer extremities stop getting enough blood, effecting surrounding tissues, often leading to medical removal of the damaged area/tissues. (ie: toes)
  • Sticky, thick blood begins to clot up inside the arteries, leading to either stroke or heart attack. Over 50% first-time heart-attacks are NOT survived.

It has been my personal observation, because diabetes has become so prevalent and it may be “controlled” by popping a pill, people don’t take this disease as serious as they should.  If you or a loved one have either Type 2 diabetes or Pre-diabetes, take heart in knowing that it is controllable!  Set a couple of goals to help begin the journey to a healthier you.  Daily exercise, proper portion sizes, minimal sugar intake, and proper caloric intake  (women 1800 a day, men 2,200 a day) are all examples of small steps that you can take.  Look for foods that are high in nutrients, but low in calories.  A great example of this is an Apple, which has many phytonutrients (Plant based nutrients), but only a caloric count of 90.  Educate yourself and enjoy the journey of becoming a healthier you!

20 Tips for adding more fruits and veggies into your daily diet!

As many of you know, I now work with the Boys and Girls club, and run a program for several of the schools called “Triple Play”.  The Triple Play program focuses on Mind, Body and Soul, which of course, is right up my alley!  I have enjoyed teaching the kids thus far about how important exercise is (body): Warm-up, stretching, different types of exercise which all involve running/walking, cool down, hydration and how important it is to refuel the body before and after exercise with a healthy snack!

We have now moved on to  the “Mind” part of the program, which includes learning about proper nutrition, making good food decisions, and different ways of adding good nutrition into their every-day diet.  The U.S. government has recently made some changes to nutritional daily recommendations, and have moved away from the “Pyramid”, and have implemented the program ChooseMyPlate.

I’ve spent some time going over the website, which is still being updated with the changes, and it really has some good information within it. (  I may not personally agree with everything they suggest, but if this new program leads people to making better food choices and food portions, then I am all for it!  Below are a couple of links that I really liked that suggests different ways to add more fruits and vegetables into your’s and your families daily diets.

Now PARENTS, these are ALL great ways to add more fruits and veggies into your kids daily diets.  It is important to get an ARRAY of color and types as all fruits and veggies contain different phytonutrients (plant based nutrients). I know, I know, I’ve heard it a million times before “But my kids don’t like all these different types of fruits and vegetables”.  I also didn’t like cleaning the toilet when I was a kid, but I still had to do it!  Why? Cause it was the right thing for me to learn.

I’m pretty tough on this, cause I know how much parents love their children, yet many don’t understand that they my be hurting their kids by what is found within their very own pantries!  Know this, as children get older, their taste buds change.  Keep trying different ways of getting fruits and veggies into your kids diets. Data finds that it can take up to 15 different times of introducing a new veggie or fruit to a child for them to get used to it.  Nutrition is what builds up your children’s bodies and immune systems.  So let me ask you this: Do you want to build up their bodies and immune systems or tear them down?  As parents, you have a great say and control in this.

 I hope you enjoy the following tips by clicking on the following links:   and

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