Trina…Why Do you?

A little over year ago, my parents came to the house to enjoy a visit and dinner toether.  While we were sitting there eating a nice, healthy meal, my dad asked me a very pointed question.  He said, “Trina, why do you take Juice Plus, when you eat the way that you do?”  It was a great, probing question, and one that was very simple for me to answer.  Yes, I do eat very healthy,  and even still strive to make more changes in my life so I can live as healthy as I possibly can,  but I never miss a day of taking Juice Plus.  Why?  Because I simply DO NOT know if I am feeding my body well enough to keep cancer from taking over my body – AGAIN.  I know that Juice Plus gives me a broad array of nutrients that my body needs – EVERY DAY.  That is important, because most people don’t, won’t or even can’t, get enough nutrients from plant-based foods that they need – EVERY DAY. Do you? Juice Plus offers this.

I share this with others because I am passionate about changing the over-all health and well-being of people in this world.  The following article is a GREAT example that supports my belief in the over-whelming importance of eating the correct foods to fuel our bodies for optimal health.  We need to fuel our bodies TODAY, to keep the Diseases of TOMORROW away.  Similar to the age-old rhyme of “An APPLE a day keeps the DOCTOR away”!

MSN Health recently published an online article called “Do Anti-Cancer Superfoods Really Work?” (the answer, of course, being YES!)  Here is a list of the foods found on the ANTI-CANCER superfoods list!
Blueberries, acai berries, raspberries, & cranberries
Green tea
Broccoli & cabbage
Onions & leeks
Watercress & spinach
And great news!  Almost ALL of these are found in the Juice Plus product line!  So feel good about the investment you’re making in your health every day when you eat your JP! (Or email me if you need to get “JUICED” the healthy way!)
If you’d like to read the article in its entirety, click here:
For more information about Juice Plus, please take a few moments to watch the following video or shoot me an email at  I’d be glad to answer any questions that you may have and do so personally!
Helping you to greater health – Trina

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