You’ve got to be kidding me….

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So today….I’m signing in to one of my email accounts, when I notice a headline that reads “Sick Teen says she’s eaten only McNuggets”.  So of course, I immediately click on the article, and as I’m reading about the 17 year old’s collapse, and what the doctor’s found, and what her MOM had failed to do: feed her child ANY nutritious food, I find my blood boiling and a million thoughts rushing my way.  Even now, I don’t know where to begin with my thoughts…so I’m going to throw them out bullet style…here we go…..

 This is child abuse.  Yep, I said it, child abuse.  Parents that put their children in harm’s way = child abuse.  I’ve read a few articles about this;  kids becoming deathly ill or obese because their parents fail to feed them the nutrients that their little bodies need to grow and properly develop.  It disgusts me – really.  I know many people don’t have a true grasp and understanding of how bad many foods are, but I can’t believe that anyone out there DOESN’T know that our bodies NEED fruits and vegetables.

 If you eat fast food, you may want to do an experiment to see what the food really is doing to your insides.  When I share my wellness presentation with others, one of the “props” I use is a Happy Meal that I bought in Florida back in October 2009.  I mean, what child hasn’t had a FEW Happy Meal’s in their days?  I know I did, which is why I now share what I know….you see, this Happy Meal from 2009 is as hard as a rock….but nothing about it looks different then it did the day I bought it.  NOTHING.  The cheese is still brilliantly orange, and the “hamburger” patty, looks all cooked up.  No mold is on any of the cheese, the bread, nor the meat and it doesn’t even stink.  And of course, the fries, well they look the same as the ones you may have found under the seat of your car when you’ve gone to vacuum it out!  If the food is so well-preserved with chemicals, what do you think it is doing to the inside of your body OR your child’s body?  Don’t believe me – go try it for yourself – REALLY.

 Have you ever seen how companies make chicken nuggets and what ingredients

to make them?  I dare you to watch the video I’ve highlighted below where Jaime Oliver of “Food Revolution” actually makes some chicken nuggets.  Do you really want to feed this to your child? To yourself?

 If you are a parent fighting this “up hill” battle with your child, the article does give some great tips on how to overcome this challenge.  Parents need to learn to say “NO” when their child wants to eat unhealthy food.  Parents also need to challenge themselves to be better role models.  Children learn their habits by watching others and parents play this primary role.   If you don’t buy bad food, then simply,  there isn’t bad food in the house to consume.  There is power in simply NOT bringing unhealthy food into the house.

I have a SIMPLE SOLUTION to get more fruits and vegetables into your families bodies.  It is 25 fruits, veggies, and grains that is a whole food concentrate of nutrients that comes in capsule or gummy form.  Oh…and the gummies….they aren’t full of sugar like all the other gummies I’ve seen out there.  Just saying.  There is also a program where kids can take it FREE for 3 years….BRILLIANT!

If you want more information or ideas on anything, I would love to help.  Send me an email with questions to

Articles like this – is why I am so passionate about what I do. Check it out:

Day in Health

“When the kids are wailing, the boss wasn’t happy with your presentation, and the kitchen is anything but pristine, what mom hasn’t thrown up her hands and given in to demands for chicken nuggets? Like, three times a week?

Maybe Mom should tell the kids: Be careful what you wish for…..

click here for the rest of the article

To check out Jaime Oliver of “Food Revolution” click


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. We were just discussing this ‘issue’ last night at dinner time. Parents are the ones who control what goes in their kids’ mouths and the onus is on them to not only make good choices but to be good examples. We can blame schools, commercials, fast food retailers, etc… all we want but it comes down to personal responsibility as adults and as far as kids are concerned, parent still have the ultimate influence on what their child is eating.

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