A Snap Shot of…

A snap shot of…. Trina Williams

Hello and thank you so much for visiting theEMPOWEREDbody blog!  Many people have used the word “passionate” to describe me, and I think it fits!  So with that, I  will share that I am a passionate and active individual with a love for my family, for people, for sports, for the outdoors, for the arts, for reading and learning, for animals, amongst many other things!

As many people know, at the young age of 7, I fell deeply love with the game of soccer, which I  played all the way through (and even past) college, and moved on to coaching right after my collegiate career ended.  Because of my love for sports, people and the outdoors, I chose to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Sports and Recreation, my Master’s Degree in Sports Business and Administration, and am a certified Wellness Coach.  My enthusiasm for teaching others has spilled over to me directing, speaking and working with others to find different ways to stay active. It has been proven, and I know, that being active is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy body!

In 2004,  at the young age of 30, I was broadsided with a huge dose of reality, when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Upon the close direction of my Oncologist,  I went through both chemo therapy and radiation treatments. Simply put, the treatments were, well, Hell on Earth.  Halfway through my treatments, I seriously contemplated quitting,  but with the support of those around me, I pressed on.

Now, I cannot even begin to express how this challenge in my life changed me; cancer has a way of penetrating the mind, the body,  and the soul….taking so much, and yet, giving even more.  I found a need to create hope for myself – so I would never again hear the words “You have Cancer”.    For me, that was turning my focus on my body, and learning more about keeping my body in a state of health vs. a state of disease.   Simply put – PREVENTION! Over time, I have made many lifestyle changes, and I feel great and empowered for doing so!  For me, it is all about feeding my cells, the RIGHT kinds of foods, those that are highly concentrated with the proper nutrients, for what I (we)  eat, effects every bodily function.

I have married my zeal for helping others attain greater health through education and support, together with my strong background in athletics and coaching, and I love it!  I currently work at the Boys and Girls club in Colorado Springs, where I run a mind, body and soul program, and I LOVE IT!  I have such an enthusiasm for helping kids attain greater health and understanding of the world we currently live in.  I also own my own franchise online business with Juice Plus.  WOW!  I love this company and am so blessed with the health I receive by taking Juice Plus!  If you would like more information on Juice Plus, simply let me know!  There are both product and business opportunities….bundled with tons of love, care and free education!

It is my wish that you will continue to visit my blog and that you will learn and grow from the information that I share.  I hope that, like me, you will take the time to do your own homework and build your own understanding of the ideas and things that I share within this blog.  So with that, have a beautiful and healthy day!

Yours in health,



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