Kim is a friend of mine, a great speaker, and a wealth of information!  Kim (Kim Dalzell, R.D.) is a nutrition and cancer expert as well as a nationally known speaker and award-winning author. Due to her advanced degrees, both in oncology nutrition and holistic nutrition, she provides the critical connection between conventional and natural nutritional therapies for cancer patients.In this webinar, she discusses the importance of preventative food choices for everyone in achieving vibrant health. Dr. Dalzell’s humor, lively pace, and high-content presentation provide the perfect recipe for empowering people to make important lifestyle changes: “1 part fact; 1 part fun; and 1 part motivation for change.”

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Me, Ashley, Derek and…Walmart.

6 months ago, my sister Ashley, and her husband (then fiance) Derek, had the wonderful experience of going shopping with me.  I was visiting them up in South Carolina and I wanted to make them a few nice meals.  So, away we went to the local Walmart store!  Now, for most people, the trip would have taken mmmmmm  well, say 15 – 20 minutes.  Our interesting experience was a bit longer then that. Why?  No, surprisingly, it wasn’t because we were shopping in a Walmart, but rather, because I was having so much fun reading labels!  I believe Ashley learned a few things, and well, Derek, I’m not so sure, but we did have a good time messing around and teasing him!

So, why do I spend so much time reading labels in grocery stores?  It’s not that I have so much extra time within my day, but because there are so many hidden and unhealthy ingredients in most foods. (I’ve actually cut down my shopping time as I’ve learned which isles and foods to STAY AWAY from!) During that particular trip, we learned that every syrup in the store had High Fructose Corn Syrup in it.  This is a BIG NO-NO in my book,  so we opted for a healthier alternative in Maple syrup.

Here are the actual ingredients found in most syrups:

Contains: A Mixture of High Fructose Corn Syrup and Granulated Sugar, Filtered
Water, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sodium Benzoate As A
Preservative and May Contain: Caramel Color, FD&C Red#40, Yellow#5,
Yellow#6, Blue#1, Salt, And Potassium Sorbate.

Whenever you read a label, the first ingredient is the largest ingredient in the food.  Here you can see that High Fructose Corn Syrup is the first ingredient ….along with Granulated Sugar.  Did you know that High Fructose Corn Syrup is the NUMBER 1 source of calories in America? (from soda)  Read more about it here:

Research done by Dr. Mercola and other researchers have found:

Why High Fructose Corn Syrup IS Worse For You than Sugar

“If you need to lose weight, or if you want to avoid diabetes and heart disease, fructose is one type of sugar you’ll want to avoid, particularly in the form of high-fructose corn syrup.

Part of what makes HFCS such a dangerous sweetener is that it is metabolized to fat in your body far more rapidly than any other sugar.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Parks, associate professor of clinical nutrition at UT Southwestern Medical Center and lead author of a study on fructose, published in the Journal of Nutrition just last year:

“Our study shows for the first time the surprising speed with which humans make body fat from fructose. Once you start the process of fat synthesis from fructose, it’s hard to slow it down. The bottom line of this study is that fructose very quickly gets made into fat in your body.”

This occurs because most fats are formed in your liver, and when sugar enters your liver, it decides whether to store it, burn it or turn it into fat. Fructose, however, bypasses this process and simply turns into fat.

Additionally, there’s hard empirical evidence showing that refined man-made fructose like HFCS metabolizes to triglycerides and adipose tissue, not blood glucose. And one of the most thorough scientific analyses published to date on this topic found that fructose consumption leads to decreased signaling to your central nervous system from the hormones leptin and insulin.

Because insulin and leptin act as key signals in regulating how much food you eat, as well as your body weight, this suggests that dietary fructose may contribute to increased food intake and weight gain.

Decreased insulin and leptin signaling is also a main cause of diabetes and a host of other obesity-related conditions.”

To read this article in full, please visit

The use of High Fructose Corn syrup is very popular amongst food companies, as it is the cheapest form of sweetner that food companies can buy.  Take some time to pick up your food items and look for this ingredient.  You’ll be AMAZED at how many foods include High Fructose Corn syrup. By cutting this ingredient out of the food you and your family eats, you will be cutting out unnecessary, empty calories. Now, who doesn’t want that!

I know that Ashley found this tip helpful and hopefully it will be the same for you as you strive for a healthier you!  Be well!

What is right in front of us?

So…it has been a bit since I’ve been able to get on here and write.  I have fallen in love with Colorado, but this past week, a piece of me and my heart died, as my cat of 11 years, Buddy, went out to enjoy his day one day, never to return home.  Perhaps some day I will write about Buddy and what he meant to me, but that will only come when the hurt doesn’t penetrate my heart so much.  To some, losing a pet may seem trivial, to me, it is so much more.

Buddy went missing a week ago this past Monday.  The Saturday after his disappearance, I was getting ready to go meet some friends for dinner, when I looked out into my neighbor’s yard, and saw a tabby cat with white hair sitting in the neighbors sun room.  I yelled out “Oh my gosh, there is Buddy!”  I could have sworn that it was him!  Never before had I noticed an orange and white cat at the neighbor’s house and the cat was looking right up at me! (The deck off of my main bedroom looks down into my surrounding neighbors yard) I almost rushed right over to the neighbor’s door to knock on it, and let them know that they had my cat.  At that moment, Tara came sprinting around the corner to see what I was yelling about.  Upon me yelling to her that I could see Buddy, she began looking frantically around trying to find him.  When she saw what I was pointing at, she sadly told me that she didn’t think that was him. I didn’t want to believe it, so she stepped down off of the deck and began making her way towards the neighbor’s yard.  “Trina, that isn’t Buddy.”  I answered hoping “It looks like him and I don’t remember ever seeing a cat such as that at their house!”  Tara continued to walk on, getting as close as she could to get a better look.  “Trina, it really isn’t Buddy.”  My heart fell.  I just couldn’t believe that it wasn’t him.  I started to walk down for a better look.  With each step, I knew in my heart that she was right, but I still had to find out for myself.  As I peered over the fence, the reality that the cat wasn’t Buddy hit me.  The cat looked similar to Buddy, but had too much white on his chest, wasn’t fluffy enough, and the tail just wasn’t right.  Tara continued “Trina, you know Buddy, there is no way that he would sit that still at a door with out crying out and talking.”  I knew she was right, but the reality that it wasn’t him was very difficult to swallow.

The ordeal made me begin thinking about human nature. Have you ever found yourself looking at something or wanting something so badly, that you stayed wanting or looking at it long after you really realized that it could never be what you wanted it to be?  Have you ever found yourself thinking a situation was one thing, only to find out, it was something completely different? Are things always what we think they are or do many situations in life need further examination.  Do we look closely enough? Hmmm…to ponder.

I miss Buddy every day,  and although I’ve stopped looking for him in the same way, I keep hoping he will return home some day.  Oh, and by the way, I have yet to see that same cat in my neighbors sunroom.

Juice Plus+ Official Supplement for German Olympic Team!

Partnership” exclusive press release from NSA

New licensed partnership with the German Olympic Team for Nutrition with the product “Juice PLUS”

– until the 2012 Olympics

Wiesbaden, March 06, 2009: The Swiss business NSA CORP. with headquarters in Basel is the licensed partner of the German Olympic Sports League (DOSB) until 2011.  The cooperation is expanded on aco-partnership until the 2012 Olympic games in London.  NSA and the DOSB, representing Germany through its official marketing agency for sport marketing (DSM), made the announcement on Friday at a sales and marketing trade conference at the well known Wiesbadener Rhine-Main-Halls.

NSA will appear as the “exclusive partner for Nutrition” with its logo “Juice PLUS”, and will show through the connection, the growing meaning of well-balanced nourishment to top athletes – a concern, that also plays an important role in the DOSB: “fitness and healthy nourishment are central subjects that stand highest on the agenda.  NSA will perform a valuable contribution as a partner”, says DOSB general director Michael Vesper.  Through the supplying of product, the athletes will benefit directly from the partnership.

“Juice PLUS” consists of concentrated raw vine ripened fruits and vegetables in capsule form, and is available from the NSA partner.  Research done by the company since 1995, regularly proved that the naturally active components in “Juice PLUS” speed up the recovery processes and strengthen the immune system among other things.

André Gerber, director of Sales and Marketing for NSA: “we are proud when an official partner is allowed to collaborate with the largest sport association in the world to bring in our special competence in the field of nourishment research.  Simultaneously we want to use the Olympics’ as an incentive for our sales and marketing and to open new opportunities.”

NSA with its products is also active in different areas of sport, internationally.  Since the middle of July 2008 the company has been co-operating  with the French ski association.  Moreover, well known athletes such as the Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic and the Austrian double skeleton pair Markus and Tobias Schiegl appear as spokespeople for the product.

About the NSA CORP.:

NSA CORP., Basel, was established 1996 as an independent Master Distributor of the American company NSA INC.  As an international distributor, the activities in the countries of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland and Hungary are managed from Basel.  The owner managed business has over 50 employees in its headquarters.

More information on other athletes that are currently taking Juice Plus, please visit

For more information about Juice Plus please visit or contact Trina at



Ah…the delights of…fake sugar?

Today I ran across 2 awesome articles, the first of which I am going to share with you now, and the other, well, you’ll have to hang on to your seats for that one for another time!  Years ago, I learned that sugar is a GREAT way to feed cancer cells (and to compromise the immune system), and since I really am against allowing cancer to again grow within my body, I decided to cut back on sugar as much as I possibly could.  In today’s world of food, it really is difficult to not only stay away from sugar, but to also understand the different NAMES that companies use for sugar within their ingredient lists. Please note that there are NUMEROUS names that are used! (No worries, ALL the tricky names are listed within the article for you!) I had a good friend of mine come over one day asking me to look over her “healthy”  protein shake mix that she had been taking, only to explain to her that 3 of the top 5 ingredients were none other than SUGAR. Here she was trying to make a difference within her lifestyle and body, only to be bogging herself down with SUGAR and extra calories!

When I decided to remove sugar from my diet, it was a natural thought to look into “alternatives”, which are known as artificial sweetners.  Simply put – I’d rather eat REAL sugar.  There are NUMEROUS detrimental side effects to artificial sweetners, which are also listed within this article, so please be sure to read on.  (DIET sodas are a NO! NO!) By becoming aware of what is in your food and what you are putting into your body, you will be empowered to make better choices, which will lead to a healthier lifestyle.  If you are someone with a sweet tooth, the article does give you plenty of NATURAL sugars to use as a healthy alternative.  Here, is to leading a healthier life!

To read the article mentioned, please visit:

The rushing stream….

Event took place Friday September 23, 2011 –

I love the sound of a rushing stream.  A form of natural meditation, I find myself getting lost in the steady sounds and beats of the water rushing over rocks of all sizes; it’s mesmerizing.  Today, here in Colorado, it is a beautiful day full of sunshine, with light, puffy clouds. I’ve found myself a little escape from the world amongst one of the many beautiful local parks.  The small embankement that I am sitting on offers warm rays from the sun, a light breeze from the wind, the soft sound of birds chirping, colorful butterflies floating by, and a landscape of beautiful trees and flowers.  For me, this is a small piece of heaven, a serenity that I need after my training this morning with the Boys and Girls club.

The topic that we were trained on was that of childhood neglect and abuse.  Wow.  I learned a lot, shook my head many, many times, and found myself nauseated with a 911 call that a 6 year old girl made while domestic violence was taking place.  I don’t understand it – how parents, adults, can hurt little children in all the different ways that they do. My mind just doesn’t even think that way.

Every now and again, life gives us perspective.  I’ve always been thankful for my family, but on this day, I was extra thankful.  I’ve lived a blessed life, surrounded by amazing family and people, and I live a very happy life. I love what I do.  I love having the ability to have a positive impact on the lives of many children.  I am thankful that the Boys and Girls club creates a safe place for children to be just that – a child. One of my favorite quotes is:

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove….but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

This quote lies deep within me and my heart.

Thank you to so many of you who are awesome parents and/or caregivers.  I would love to hear what you have done within your life to make the life of a child – even just one – better. Please do share!

Make Every Run Easier

 Hello my friends!  For the past several weeks I have enjoyed running throughout the Colorado Springs area.  Sure, some of the workouts and paths were challenging, but in the end, I was glad that I worked through the difficult times, and I always felt a rush of joy and accomplishment when I finished.
Then last week, BAM, I experienced NOT 1, BUT 2 days, of EXTREMELY TOUGH running.  I mean, everything seemed to be going against me and simply finding my usual rhythm was such a strain!  I did prevail through both workouts, but I really did not find any of it fun!  As I was suffering through the second day, I reflected on an article that I had previously read that talked about how some days will be just straight out strenuous, and it actually seemed to help to know that others experience challenging runs too!
Having a difficult day can mentally give us “excuses” to NOT work out or to NOT try that same path again.  But in reality, every day is different, so DON’T GIVE UP – your body was built to move!  I’m happy to report, that only a few days later, I was able to enjoy a nice run!  So keep at it! So with that, I would like to share a great article that gives a few tips on what to do to help limit the complicated days and to increase days of blissful running .  Enjoy!
Make Every Run Easier
You can’t expect to breeze through every workout, but here are 32 ways to make things go smoother
By Hal Higdon
Published 07/09/2007

A running friend told me recently: “I don’t care about getting faster. I just want running to be a little easier for me.” I’ve known this person for years, and running has always been a chore for him. Not painful, just difficult.

What’s more, the last thing my friend wants to do is train for a marathon. Three or 4 miles a day, every other day–that’s his thing. Speedwork? Forget it. Train at the track? No way. Just make the activity a little more palatable, he asks. Please.

Maybe you feel the same. And really, even if you’re a highly competitive runner who trains hard and races every weekend, you still depend on those easy days to be just that: easy. Whether you are running purely for health and fitness or are gunning for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, the following tips should help make running a little more comfortable for you.

1. Start slow. This one’s basic, and it works every time. Ease into your runs and pick up the pace only when you feel warmed up. Johnny Kelley, who completed 58 Boston Marathons and won two of them, starts each run by walking. You think this is a tip useful only for old-timers? Kelley has been walking to start his workouts for half a century. “It’s a secret I picked up from the Finns,” he says with a smile.

2. Ignore peer pressure. When running in a group, don’t get lured into always running a hard pace. Run your pace—and ask them to do the same if they’re willing. Hint: If you want to run with faster runners now and then, rest the day before as a “mini-taper.” Then treat the workout almost like a race. Warm up before they arrive, then go for it.

3. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. When she finds running difficult and gets frustrated, Marie Nuzzi of Albertson, N.Y., reminds herself of people who are unable to run even as slowly as she does. “I think about people who can’t run a step,” says Nuzzi, “and it reminds me of how lucky I am to have two legs that function.” Nuzzi has dedicated countless miles to actor Christopher Reeve.

To read the rest of this article, Please go to

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When I was first introduced to Juice Plus, it immediately made sense. Eating an abundance of fruits and vegetables daily is vital in maintaining good health; the problem is, most people can’t, don’t or won’t. Good nutrition takes time and planning. Juice Plus+® helps bridge the gap between the 7-13 servings of fruits & vegetables recommended by the USDA and what we actually eat.

If you and your family struggle with getting enough fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, this whole food concentrate is for you! The many healthful benefits of Juice Plus+® have been demonstrated through numerous independent clinical researches that have been published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

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