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Extra-virgin Coconut Oil – Key to Preventing Disease?

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A friend passed along a video about the power of coconut oil in treating Alzheimer’s disease, which excited me, as I’ve taken coconut oil for many, many year’s now.  I originally learned about it while working at Garden of Life.  As stated by Jordan Rubin – Founder of Garden of Life – through his book “The Maker’s Diet” he states:

“Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest saturated fats available.  Coconut oil can tolerate extremely high heat, unlike polyunsaturated vegetable oils.  Use extra-virgin coconut oil in cooking, baking, and in smoothies.  It is a stable, healthy saturated fat that does not elevate undesirable (LDL) cholesterol; it reduces the symptoms of digestive disorders, supports overall immune functions, and helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.  Extra-virgin coconut oil is great for people suffering from candida yeast infections, due to the presence of caprylic acid and antifungal fatty acids contained in the oil.  Extra-virgin coconut oil has also been show to help balance the thyroid and improve metabolic function, which may result in weight loss.”  Jordan Rubin

If you decide to add Extra-virgin coconut oil to your diet, be sure to check that it is 100% Extra-virgin coconut oil.  I take the coconut oil that Garden of Life produces, as it is of a pure source and tastes amazing.  I have tasted other coconut oils which did not leave a pleasant taste in my mouth.

Below is a great video that shares how one man’s Alzheimer’s disease has been helped since he added coconut oil to has daily diet.  Some things that jumped out at me:

-The importance of PREVENTION, as a disease such as Alzheimer’s, actually begins to take place 10 – 20 year’s prior to when sign’s begin to show.  Isn’t that how it is with ALL disease’s?

-Coconut oil is a natural antibiotic

-It may help stave off other life threatening diseases beyond Alzheimer’s

Enjoy the video…and the introduction of Extra-virgin coconut into your diet!

“Coconut Oil Touted As Alzheimer’s Remedy”

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