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Q: When did you first hear about Juice Plus?

A: I first heard about Juice Plus from my friend Kellee.  I was coaching at the same soccer club that her kids played in, and she sent out an email thanking people and letting them know that her family was relocating to Park City for a year.  She mentioned that she was able to do so because of the freedom with which her business offered her.  I could tell she was passionate about her work, that her work offered her freedom, and upon learning that it had to do with nutrition, I was immediately interested and I called her to learn more.

Q: Why did Juice Plus make sense to you?

A: It immediately made sense to me.  How could it not?  Juice Plus is simply a WHOLE food concentrate of fruits and vegetables in a capsule that has over 22 clinically researched, scientific studies that have been published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals PROVING  Juice Plus does good things within the body.  There are VERY FEW natural health companies out there that have the scientific backing behind their products and that detail was important to me.  I understand the value of having WHOLE food nutrition in my daily diet, and I also know that it is extremely difficult to get enough fruits and vegetables EVERY day.  This is a no-brainer way to get enough nutrition and bridge the gap between what I do eat and what I should eat.  Also, the fruits and vegetables found in Juice Plus are a Broad array and not what I usually have within my daily diet.  I know that I eat very healthy, but I still feel that taking Juice Plus is extremely important and I don’t miss a day of it!

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Q:  What is the Children’s Health Study?

A: Established in 1999, the international Children’s Health Study is a large-scale, multi-year survey designed to formally document the positive effects Juice Plus+® has on the health and well-being of families who take it.

The study is based on three important concepts:

  1. Good nutrition is the foundation of health and inspires other healthy lifestyle choices.
  2. The best time to establish good health and nutritional habits is in childhood.
  3. The key to getting children to adopt good health habits is parental involvement.

Q: How does it work?

The way the Children’s Health Study works is simple. For every parent, grandparent, or other adult that signs up as a Juice Plus+® customer, the study provides Juice Plus+® Orchard Blend and Juice Plus+® Garden Blend free to a child, teenager, or college student for up to three years. At various intervals — after 4-8 months and then at the end of each year — adult participants are asked to fill out a voluntary survey to determine whether (and how) their families’ health habits have changed as a result of taking Juice Plus+®.

The results of the first 150,000 families who have responded to our surveys are documented here: — and the news is very, very good!

Q: What attracted you to the Juice Plus business?

A:  The product and business of Juice Plus made sense to me at the very same time.  I have a deep passion for helping others be healthy, so why would I not share with others a product that I take and believe in myself, while also building my own business?  The business model is simple:  Share Juice Plus with other people, find people who want to join my team in sharing and spreading the message of greater health, and work together as a team to grow an independent business.  It is a win/win situation for everyone!  Get healthier and make money doing so – who doesn’t want that?  I know I do, and I know I love being surrounded by others with the same goals.  I also love the freedom of the business, the business model, and the fact that I can work on the business part-time and can do so from home.

For more information about the business behind the Power of Juice Plus, please send me an email at

Why We Need Juice Plus+ – Now More Than Ever!
We all know that these are challenging economic times. While there are many positive signs of economic recovery, the official jobless rate is still hovering around 10%. Most families have been forced to cut back and trim their budgets. And yet, sales of dietary supplements rose 6.5% in 2010 over 2009! It is now estimated that fully two-thirds of adult Americans regularly take some type of dietary supplement. When asked “Why?” the most common response is, “Because I know I don’t eat as healthy as I should.”

People see supplementation as a hedge against a less-than-perfect lifestyle. It appears to make sense. In times like these who can afford to get sick? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2008 estimated that the average cost of a doctor visit was $174.00; an average prescription over $54.00; the average OTC medicine $25.00; and the cost of a day of work missed $150.00. That’s a lot of money that can really add up for a family.

When people say they take supplements because they know they don’t eat right, what are they really saying? We know, don’t we? We know that the single biggest deficiency in the modern diet is the low regular consumption of fruits and vegetables. In fact, the newest Dietary Guidelines for Americans, published at the end of 2010 by the USDA and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, now recommends 9 – 13 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The average American does not get anywhere close to the recommended amount. We need something to fill the gap. What Americans really need to supplement their diet is Juice Plus+®!  

First of all, Juice Plus+® is a whole food based product made from juicing a wide variety of nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables. Secondly, it is backed by 22+ independent, published, peer-reviewed clinical studies conducted at some of the best universities and research centers all over the world. These studies show that Juice Plus+® delivers many of the same type of health benefits that people get from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables:

–          Increased levels of Antioxidants in the body

–          Reduction of Oxidative Stress

–          Support of a Healthy Immune System

–          Protection of DNA

–          Improvement of Key Indicators of Cardiovascular wellness

–          Positive impact on Markers of Chronic Inflammation

–          Improvement of several Markers of Skin Health

–          Reduction of days with Moderate to Severe Cold Symptoms

No other name-brand nutritional support product can make these statements, because none has ever had this quantity and quality of scientific research behind it.  

I have had the privilege of working in the dietary supplement industry for over 20 years. In that time I have come to know many of the executives of the best companies in the industry. All of the leading companies, including NSA are members of trade associations who work diligently to: 

1.     Improve the manufacturing and quality standards of our industry,

2.     Help increase consumer confidence in our products, and

3.     Create an environment which allows member companies to operate with reasonable legislation and regulation.  

The top companies in our industry are also committed to science. But one of the biggest challenges for the industry is trying to consistently demonstrate the efficacy of its products through credible, independent, peer-reviewed, published clinical research. In fact much of the industry’s public relations efforts are devoted to defending research on vitamin / mineral ingredients that did not achieve a positive result.   There is no other name brand nutritional support product that has more credible, third-party, published, peer-reviewed science than Juice Plus+®.

We are so fortunate to be part of a company that is having a positive impact on the lives of people all over the world. Juice Plus+® really is making a difference in the health of families world-wide. Here is just a sample of benefits reported to the Juice Plus+® Children’s Health Study, based on nearly   200,000 responses. After 4 – 8 months of consistently taking Juice Plus+® families report:   

Children Adults
Eating more fruits and vegetables 51% 61%
Taking less prescriptions or OTC medication 46% 34%
Fewer doctor visits 55% 42%
Less school or work missed 48% 43%

This data translates not only to healthier families and better quality of life, but also represents a tremendous savings of real dollars to these Juice Plus+® families. JuicePlus+® really is what America needs to bridge the most glaring nutritional gap in our diets. Through the Juice Plus+® products, NSA offers people scientifically proven benefits and hope of a better quality of life. We can all be proud of the fact that we represent a company and a product that is making a difference. We all play an important role in providing the nutritional support that people need today more than ever before: Juice Plus+®.

John J. Blair,

Sr. VP of Product and Research for NSA, LLC.


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