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Anyone involved with sports/working out….here are a couple of great websites supporting the value that Pro Athlete’s find with adding Juice Plus to their diets and daily training regimen!

http://www.juiceplussports.eu/uk/         and      http://www.juiceplussports.com.au/

Kim is a friend of mine, a great speaker, and a wealth of information!  Kim (Kim Dalzell, R.D.) is a nutrition and cancer expert as well as a nationally known speaker and award-winning author. Due to her advanced degrees, both in oncology nutrition and holistic nutrition, she provides the critical connection between conventional and natural nutritional therapies for cancer patients.In this webinar, she discusses the importance of preventative food choices for everyone in achieving vibrant health. Dr. Dalzell’s humor, lively pace, and high-content presentation provide the perfect recipe for empowering people to make important lifestyle changes: “1 part fact; 1 part fun; and 1 part motivation for change.”

Click on or copy and paste the below link to watch the webinar:


Does back to school mean back to illness?  Hear Pediatrician Dr. Valerie and a “mom on a mission” Toni Olson, as they share easy tips on how to keep your kids healthy – and you too!

https://www.juiceplus.com/uploads/File/am_bal/index.html – click on the video at the bottom of the page.


This is a webinar by Harvard graduate sports medicine physician and ironman
triathlon champion, Dr. David Phillips. You can see his tremendous credentials
below on this on the subject of exercise and nutrition needed for

Phenomenal Speaker!  Please click here: http://bit.ly/nHIUNn

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